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The best professional carpet cleaning company in Fresno! Great prices too!

Customer Comments:


We really appreciate the job you did at our house!!!  You came highly recommended and I can see why!  I am a little overwhelmed with getting the house all cleaned and ready to move in but you went the extra mile and gave us such a great deal!  Thank you!!!!  The tile and grout looks so much better and the carpets being all cleaned really gives me peace of mind.  Moving is a lot of work and you just lightened my load considerably!!  Thank you for providing such a quality service at such a great price!  You were so easy to work with – no gimmicks, hard sales pitch,  or hidden fees.  I’ll pass your name on to the person who is buying our house and we’ll be sure to use you in the future.  Thanks for making our floors so nice and giving me peace of mind!!! 

 Laura Elsberry

Hello Jarod, I just wanted to tell you how happy my husband and I were with the job you did on our carpets. I didn’t think that the pathways into each bedroom would come clean and they did. You did a very professional job and we enjoyed talking with you… Thanks again for your hard work. I will be referring you to my friends and neighbors.



Our carpet is over twenty years old and we have a bulldog that has really made it worse. Jarod did a really great job and our carpet looks and smells great. He could have used our carpet for his before and after pictures. Great value and I felt comfortable with him in our home. He is honest and reliable and does what he states he will do. I would recommend Fresno Carpet care.

– Terry Young


My family had chosen to receive a free Kirby demonstration a couple weeks ago. The overpriced vacuum actually did a great job. Since it was a free demo for one room only, I decided to get a rug doctor for the rest of the rooms. Big mistake. After chemicals and rental – over $45 and no guarantees. For a hundred bucks I took a risk with Jarod, as I was impressed with his website and Craigs List ad. He quickly responded to my email query and we setup an appointment. He guarantees his work – and his results were amazing. I am talking infomercial Excitement here! WOW – my dead old diet coke and raisin stained carpet came back to life. The machine he uses is significantly better than Rug Doctor or Kirby for getting your old and neglected carpet back to life. I kept on saying “wow,” because of the results. I would recommend Jarod’s Fresno Carpet Care to anyone. He does what he says.

– Jason Willis


Outstanding work, arrived on time and good attention to detail.

– Ryan


Our carpet looks like NEW!!! Thank you for getting all those traffic stains out of our carpet! Will recommend to everyone!

– Dustin


If you’re looking for someone to clean your carpets, check out Fresno Carpet Care. Jarod did a great job! I was humbled by the overwhelming power of the Rotovac. I’m tempted to eat off of our carpet now.

– Jon Klassen


This company did a wonderful job for us! Great service and prices!

– Linda Petersen


Thanks Jarod, you are awesome! Our carpet & couch looks brand new… so happy 🙂

– Susan Taliaferro


Thank you so much for your great work. The boys spent the rest of yesterday and most of today laying and rolling all over the carpets.

– Bergann Hernandez


amazing stain removal fresno carpet cleaners

wow! fresno carpet care gets those carpets really clean. Odor removal from carpet too.

amazing rotovac is the best carpet cleaning machine in fresno

Fresno carpet care and carpet cleaning in clovis….. we also remove red stains and yellow urine stains!

pet stains removed from professional carpet cleaning in fresno

carpet cleaning in fresno and clovis

clovis carpet cleaners

amazing rotovac cleans carpet in fresno, clovis and beyond

We don't just clean carpet....we clean aggregate too

Aggregate cleaning in fresno, ca and clovis

fresno, ca carpet cleaning

Rental carpet gets a new “lease” on life in Fresno, ca

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Carpet Cleaning Fresno, Ca


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